Growing Space Psychology Center
Family, Child & Adult Psychology Services家庭、儿童与成人心理咨询服务

Welcome to Growing Space!


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We specialise in matters of the heart, from painful thoughts, emotions to relationships.

Our tagline is: Where wounds of the heart are transformed and healing begins…

We believe that people and relationships can grow, and wounds can begin to heal when people allow themselves to be transformed. Whilst the scars might still hurt at times, the pain can no longer harm oneself and others. Rather, the pain transforms into a source of humble reminder and becomes an inspiration to oneself and others.

This is our Vision and Philosophy at GROWING SPACE.

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists committed to providing professional psychological services for those residing in the Central and Southern regions in Malaysia. Read more about us here.

We offer comprehensive clinical services, ranging from psychological assessment, diagnosis, to psychotherapy for families, children, adolescents and adults. Read more here.

To take the next step of growth and transformation, call us at 06-6016564 or 018-3760336 to make an appointment!