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Liu Moy Yub, May (M.Clin.Psy.)

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Ms May Liu Wai Yub Liu Moy Yub or May is a clinical psychologist who holds a Master in Clinical Psychology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She comes with a background in nutrition study and had worked with people with weight and health problems. Given her knowledge in nutrition, she found that it was hard for someone to change his/her eating behaviour. Therefore, she was interested in further study in Health Psychology and later Clinical Psychology to understand people’s behaviour and the underlying reasons.

May is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Given her interest in mindfulness, she also received training via personal practice and professional workshop in mindfulness-based therapy. She received training in mindfulness meditation in both the religious centres (Samadhi and Vipassana meditation) and secular source (MINDFUL-Gym).

She is currently practising as a visiting clinical psychologist at Mahkota Medical Centre at Melaka and Shining Star Learning Hub at Kuala Lumpur. Previously she worked at the Center for Psychological and Counseling Services, HELP University for 5 years. She was involved in supervising and training the trainees of the Master of Clinical Psychology program there. She has been exposed to working with a variety of clients, ranging from children, teenagers, adults and senior adults. She has experiences dealing with psychological concerns like depression, anxiety, eating disorder, sexual disorder and child developmental issues.

May is an international affiliate of American Psychological Association (APA), and the member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) and KL Buddhist Mental Health Association (KLBMHA). She was interviewed by printing media (i.e. The Heat, Feminine) and be the guest consultant for a TV program, titled: My Kid Can (i.e. Astro AEC channel) before.

As a mother of two young children, she sees the importance of parent’s mental health and parenting approach in shaping the new generation. May believes it is important to support the parents to strengthen the basic foundation for a family in order to generate a healthy generation. Therefore, May is passionate about promoting mindful parenting. She has recently piloted a mindfulness-based parenting program for local parents and is in the process of fine-tuning it.