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Sandplay Therapy

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Sandtray Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a form of therapy that allows children and adult clients the space to express their feelings and experiences that may be inaccessible or difficult to express in words, using sand and small figurines provided. In a sandplay therapy session, a free and protected space will be provided by a trained sandplay therapist. In this space, the client is free to express in their sandplay creation what comes to mind within a contained space for processing and healing. Thus, sandplay therapy is particularly useful to address the limitations of verbally-based therapy modalities.

At GROWING SPACE, specially proportioned sandbox, water and sand are provided. Clients also have access to small figurines that represents inanimate and animate beings, which we encounter in the external and inner imaginative world. These include but not limited to, people, plants, animals, buildings, bridges, vehicles, furniture, food and rocks.