Neo Jia Yen

(M. Clin Psych)

Ms. Neo Jia Yen obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology from USM-UPSI. Before deciding to join the helping profession, Jia Yen took up various opportunities to further explore the mental health field. She interned at Sunway Medical Center, volunteered for mental health screening events, and worked as psychologist assistant at a private psychology center for a year. Thus, her vast experiences solidified her interest to pursue postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

During her clinical practicum, Jia Yen was placed under the Psychiatry Department in Hospital Kajang and Atfal Jannah special needs center where she provided psychotherapy and psychological assessments for children, teenagers, adults and elderly. She worked closely with psychiatrists, occupational therapists and special education teachers. Furthermore, Jia Yen also conducted mental health talks on stress management and mindfulness-related topics for the hospital staffs.

Jia Yen is currently working closely with individuals of various mental disorders, as well as individuals who struggles with interpersonal relationship, self-discovery and emotional regulation. Through her work, Jia Yen believes that each and every individual has the strength to heal. Psychotherapy is thus a meaningful journey for one to have a better understanding about self, to discover personal strengths and values, and to gradually move towards a fulfilling life.