Growing Space Psychology Center


Individual therapy is a one-to-one professional helping relationship, with the goal to address the client’s presenting emotional and relational concerns. Individual therapy is recommended for anyone with mental age of at least 10 and above. The primary method used will be verbal interactions, although non-verbal activities (eg. using sandtray, clay, art and creative play etc.) may also be used at times. 

Integrating various therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, humanistic-experiential, cognitive-behavioural, and family systems, we collaborate with clients to set their own therapeutic goals and skillfully facilitate clients to work towards achieving those goals. Throughout the psychotherapy process, clients can be assured of a non-judgmental space as they engage in self-exploration and self-understanding. 


Common issues experienced that would benefit from individual therapy include (but not limited to):

Anxiety and Phobias


Chronic Pain


Eating Disorders

Grief and Loss

LGBT issues


Self-harm and suicidal behaviours

Sleep problems