Growing Space Psychology Center

Foo Xiang Yi, Jessie (M. Clin Psych)

Ms Foo Xiang Yi or better known as Jessie is a senior clinical psychologist at Growing Space KL. She received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from HELP University, Malaysia. Her clinical experience consists of working with children, teenagers and adultsin outpatient private practice centres and Sunway Medical Centre. 


Jessie has been in the mental health practice for 10 years. The more she journeys alongside
her clients, the more she appreciates the complexity of human experiences. Currently, Jessie
works exclusively with individual adults. She focuses on connecting with her clients as they
delicately unfold their life stories. She seeks to understand her clients in relationship with
others in the clients’ lives, sit with their pain, and walk with them through challenges and

After starting a family of her own, Jessie is especially interested in how family shapes one’s
worldview and determines how one relates to others. She sees the value in noticing the
relationship and emotional patterns in one’s family of origin so that one can live a richer, more deeply connected life.