The diagnosis of cancer can be one of the most devastating news one can receive. Individuals may experience intense emotions of fear, anger, hopelessness and loss. Some may find it difficult to share their thoughts and feelings surrounding their condition as they do not want to “burden” their friends and families which in turn may give rise to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Family members of the individual with cancer are also impacted in many ways and may experience many changes within the family throughout the journey of supporting and caring for the individual with cancer. Talking to someone who is trained to help the individual and family to find ways to cope with their journey is crucial. If you or your loved ones are looking for psychological support, feel free to contact us for an appointment. Home visits are provided as an option, subject to case-by-case basis.

Some of the issues that may arise upon diagnosis of cancer

  • Coming to terms with diagnosis and condition
  • Grief
  • Pain management
  • Impact on relationships and work
  • Readjusting to life after treatment
  • Supporting family and children
  • End-of-life issues