Coaching & Intervention Programs

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In Growing Space Learning Lab, we hold spirits of self-directed learning. Hence, we adopt a whole new integrative learning model which consists of learning, inner healing and individualized coaching methods to facilitate self realization in every child.

Individualized Learning Intervention Program

Sprouting Class

This class combines intervention on academics and development of social emotional skills.  It consists of individualized learning plan and theme-based learning approach suited for students who need to rebuild fundamental academic skills, as well as improvement in social emotional management.

Rooting Class

This class is suited for students who need empowerment in self-confidence and assistance to develop the ability to connect and work with others. The class entails training on the student’s planning and executive skills through project-based learning approach with individualized coaching.

Social Emotional Coaching Program

Students in this program will develop emotional and interpersonal skills that are vital for their overall development. They will develop self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness and receive emotional management coaching from our therapist. Students will also learn to develop and maintain social relationships through core relational concepts such as boundaries, social judgment, responsible decision-making and conflict resolution.

Mindfulness for Children

Children can benefit from mindfulness practice by learning to be aware of their body sensations, feelings and thoughts, labelling and expressing as well as regulating their emotions. It has been found that practicing mindfulness meditation helps children to:

  1. Develop a habit of focusing on present moment.
  2. Stay calm in the stressful times.
  3. Know how to find peace when faced with life’s challenges.
  4. Lower social anxiety and stress.
  5. Promote patience.
  6. Improve their executive functioning such as cognitive flexibility and working memory.
  7. Improve their attentiveness and impulse control.(Source:

In Growing Space Learning Lab, we provide mindfulness for children program via in-person and online teaching. The mindfulness programs were designed to deliver understanding and practices of mindfulness for children. The program consists of experiential learning, group discussion and activity-based approach in guiding the children to embrace mindfulness as a way to engage and interact with others.

The program trainer, Ms May Liu, fondly know as Happy Teacher (快乐老师) is an experienced mindfulness teacher. Her creativity, fun and dynamic approaches in guiding children to learn mindfulness have always touched their hearts, hence leaves great impressions among the children.

Mindful Parenting

Parenting is an art, it requires not only knowledge and understanding about children’s development, but also the heart and soul to connect with self and the child. Teaching and engaging children may require not only the body and language, but also our attention and awareness of what’s going on in the present moment. Often times, we know parents with good intention wanting to have good interaction with their children, however, it becomes sour at the end. Such unwanted processes always happen in the journey of parenting, and parents are often caught stuck in an undesired cycle of interaction with their children.

Mindful parenting teaches parents to learn about the art of parenting, how to nourish and take care of themselves as well as applying mindfulness in managing parent-child conflict. One of the important aspects in mindful parenting is to learn how not to react impulsively but respond with awareness and conscious choice. In this process, parents learn to be in touch with their inner voices, meanwhile also be aware about the connection between them and children in the present moment. As such, parents could benefit from taking a pause by being mindful (i.e. taking mindful breathing or practice mindful listening) to reflect the whole situation while attending to the needs of the situation. This may help to create a better engagement hence leading to desired outcome.

We offer mindful parenting program at Growing Space Learning Lab. This program is led by our senior clinical psychologist cum certified mindful parenting trainer, Ms. May Liu. May provides both in-person and online training for mindful parenting. She offers a practical approach in guiding parents to learn about mindful parenting via experiential teaching as well as interactive sharing and group discussion. Being a mother herself, May shares openly about her struggles and resolutions in addressing her family issues. May strongly believes in this saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Hence, she also believe in the importance to provide social support for parents. She hopes by bringing this mindful parenting program to parents, more parents can be connected and grew together as a community.

For those who are interested in our programs, please write to or give us a call for further enquiry.