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The process of writing itself is therapeutic. It gives you opportunity to reflect, rethink, and re-read what has been written. 

Through writing, you may reconnect with yourself and what truly matters to you. 

We offer a special writing therapy package that includes 2 rounds of letter exchange with the therapist, via a safe and secure online platform. This makes therapy session accessible to you, anytime, anywhere. We offer consultation on a wide range of personal and relational matters. 

For more information about our writing therapy package, please read the FAQs here in English or Chinese

The writing therapy will be provided by Dr. Ng Wai Sheng. You may read her profile here

“Writing takes time. Taking time to write of one’s own life experience provides a way to respect, hone and understand the trauma or loss.  We dignify our lives by taking seriously, in writing, the unwanted experience. 
We can make meaning of tragedy.”
Joyce Hocker, Ph.D.  Read more

“… writing’s power to heal lies not in pen and paper, but in the mind of the writer… That’s where clinicians come in, helping clients tap that healing power…” Bridget Murray  Read more