Noor Suraya Muhamad

(M. Counselling)

Ms. Noor Suraya or more fondly known as Suraya has 14 years of working experience, including 6 years as a Licensed Counsellor. She started her career under the umbrella of Ministry of Higher Education as Lecturer cum Student Consultant for 5 years before joining Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia as Psychology Officer in 2013.

Suraya obtained her training in Grief and Bereavement in Royal Albert Hospital, Sydney, Australia for 2 months in 2015. Upon returning from Australia, she began to provide training for other Psychology Counselling Officers in MOH.

She is also trained in Professional CBT coaching, Trauma-focused CBT and Inter-professional Spiritual Education Care Trainer (Palliative Care) under the supervision of Dr Christina Puchalski. Her passion for learning continues as she is currently pursuing training for child psycho-traumatology in Hospital Tuanku Azizah, KL.

Currently, her passion is serving the adult and paediatric population in the palliative care setting as well as in the paediatric trauma unit in a public hospital. She actively supervises newly recruited Psychology officers and postgraduate students pursuing counselling. She enjoys advocating for public awareness on mental health issues especially pertaining to child and youth-related issues.