Han Yee Mun

(M. Clin Psych)

Ms. Han Yee Mun obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology from HELP University and currently offers her professional services at Growing Space Psychology Center, Bukit Jalil. Prior to that, she worked alongside a private psychological center, government hospital and psychology trainee site, where she had many experiences conducting diagnostic intakes, assessments, diagnoses as well as treatments for a diverse group of population (students, community, and clinical; from adolescents to geriatrics). Yee Mun also had several experiences working with children and teenagers with special needs at an NGO organization and learning center. Adopting evidence-based practices and treatment modalities, Yee Mun engages clients who are experiencing mental health difficulties such as those struggling with low self-esteem and self-acceptance, interpersonal relationships, work/academic stress, procrastination, perfectionism, grief, insomnia, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Throughout her various engagements, Yee Mun strives to deliver her services with respect, care, patience, empathy, sensitivity to support her clients’ needs, as well as to improve their psychological well-being and overall quality of life. However, her deep-felt aspiration is most reflected in the desire to equip her clients with tools that enable them to eventually be their own therapist and stand on their own two feet in managing day-to-day struggles and applying what they have learned beyond the therapy space, rather than having professional psychotherapy services as a permanent crutch. This is because she has come to recognize that clients empowered to do the above serve as powerful testimonials for the efficacy and significance of psychotherapy to the larger community, which is closest to Yee Mun’s heart.

Yee Mun’s treatment approach invites individuals to understand how their thinking pattern shapes their perception of reality, to which may sometimes not be true or accurate. She also facilitates her clients in reframing their thoughts and expanding perspectives in order to change their experience of the world, as well as courageously engaging in a different or even unfamiliar set of behavioral responses. When considering the competitive nature of the current societal environment, it is also common for many to have their ‘threat system’ activated, leading to emotional responses such as anxiety, anger, or depression. It is within such a context that Yee Mun’s treatment modality attempts to redirect the clients’ attention from faulting, criticizing, or berating themselves to relearning ways of alleviating their pain by adopting a process of being understanding, kind, caring, and compassionate.