Liu Moy Yub, May

(M. Clin Psych)

Ms. Liu Moy Yub or better known as May is a senior clinical psychologist at Growing Space Psychology Center, Seremban. She’s currently into her 11th year of practice. She is also a certified mindful parenting trainer and has developed the Mindful Parenting and Mindfulness Children program for local schools. She holds a Postgraduate certificate in Family Therapy and has been recognized as one of the international staffs of the Academia Multimedia Library under Academia Di Psicotherapia Della Famiglia, Italy.

She’s passionate in working with parents, children, teens, youth and families. Given her forte in mindfulness, she applied Mindfulness-based therapy in helping clients with anxiety, depression, relational and social-emotional difficulties. She actively brought mindfulness into families via mindful parenting and mindfulness for children programs. She walked into community via NGOs and religious bodies as well as primary schools and kindergartens to provide workshops and trainings on mindfulness.

She also gave mindfulness trainings to teachers in various settings (i.e. government school, religious bodies and private centers) on how to incorporate mindfulness in their teaching. Her passion working with children and teenagers also further fueled her to run Growing Space Learning Lab, a place designed to offer intervention programs to address their social-emotional and learning challenges.

Coming from an underprivileged family, she practices “groundedness” and “inclusiveness”. Her down-to-earth wholistic approach helps her to be creative and mindful in tapping into people’s strengths and resources. Living and coming from a multi-generational family, she values the inter-generational relationships in a family. Hence, she incorporates lenses of mindfulness, multi-generational and relational aspects in working with her clients.

Being a parent of two children, she believes that it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, she is actively involved as a community helper in her children’s school, Buddhist societies and NGOs. Caring for her children and the older generation in her family helps her understand the importance of social support and spiritual beliefs in guiding and nourishing her inner self. She is also a nature lover, a hiker and a gardener who love greens. She knows that the nature has the healing power and it is where she can receive unconditional love and care when she needs it.